250+ people died in Chawkbazar fire in Bangladesh

“Besides, regular people with whom they are chatting with friends and friends are not able to find at least 25 people.”

Mr Firoz said that he himself saw the incident of fire, but could not think of it.

“The incident happened at 8:45 in the morning, a microbus was standing on the corner of Churihatra.”

“The power transformer was above, suddenly a transformer burst into the microbes, and when the microbus cylinder exploded, there was a chemical store next to it, and it spread all over the moment.”

In the film Chawkbazar fire of old Dhaka

78 killed in a horrific fire, how the relatives will get the dead body?

‘Seeing some people’s deadbodies separately’

Image caption Rescuers are taking a corpse.

Although both the Fire Service and Police said that there was a chemical stock in the basement of a building called ‘Waheed Mansion’.

Firoz says, Wahid Mannan then spread the fire on the plastic market more On the other hand, there was an explosion in one after another in the Chamikel majou.

“So, around 8/10 shops in the vicinity, the more water it wounds, the wahid mansion, the Haider Medical, the hotel is set to fire, and 25 people are not getting friendly friends.”

He said people in the pharmacy thought that someone had bombed in front of them and thought that they closed the shop shutters.

“My brother was in the pharmacy, fearing the shutters stopped, fearing that they were dead inside. We waited till 5am but did not get the dead body.”

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