Abandoned buildings, teaching under open sky

Schooling is going on in the field of teaching.

Satkhira: Lesson reading under the open sky in the class room crisis at Jainagar Government Primary School, 57 in Kashimari union of Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira. As a result, class activities are being hampered. That is why school authorities are struggling with 490 students.

It is known that the main building of the Joynagar Government Primary School is in a dilapidated and risky environment because the students are ever seen in the open field, sometimes on the tree floor,

According to the school sources, in the year 1944, before the partition of the country, the school was established in collaboration with charitable people. After the independence of the school, the activities of the school were made in tin roof and brick walls, but in 1996, the three-room building constructed under Local Government Engineering Department was declared abandoned after it became unsuitable for use in 2016.

Apart from this, in 2006-07, officially, one cell has been constructed in another room of another two-room building built under the LGED implementation under PEDP-2 and the other is being classified.

As a result, the school authorities have been caught with just one class. So the students are being forced to go under the open sky or under the tree.

The headmaster of the school removed. Sajeda Khatun told banglanews that despite 490 students struggling in the classroom crisis, the results of the school are always good.

He further said, now is not going to take classes under the open sky. But in the rainy season, where will we go with them?

First class students Vijay and Muntasir say that there are many words during class outside. To do classes in rode. Do not mind reading.

Captain (retd) GM Rajul Bahar, the vice-president of the school’s managing committee, told banglanews that the removal of the abandoned building has become necessary to construct a new building quickly. But there is no supervision in the authorities.

In this regard, Shyamnagar Upazila Acting Primary Education Officer Mirza Mizanur Alam told banglanews that I know the condition of the school. Although the names in the first row of the list for the new building of the school are not known for unknown reasons. I do not know the reason for not being Still, we are taking steps through the senior authority.

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