Another nightmare night


Barcelona won 4-1 goals against Real Betis in La Liga. Lionel Messi made a hat-trick Lewis Suarez also scored the goal. Lorraine Moron scored the only goal for Real Betis.

Real betser goalkeeper Lopez became Messi by taking a free kick; It can not be described in any adjective. In the 18th minute, Barcelona went ahead with a free kick from outside the D box, and in the first half, the Barcelona gap increased. Messi runs the knife in the chest At the time of joining the first half of the box, Messi was trapped in the ball through Suarez’s excellent pass in the D box. Another half-time goal for the second half ended Suarez has scored in the second half. Canadians leave the field by winning 4-1 goals.

In the first half, Real Betis continued to take possession of the ball and missed the opportunity to score a goal. Suarez has missed the easy chance of the goal. Although the second goal of Messi was Suarez’s outstanding contribution to the game. After Diego Forlone, Suarez is the only Uruguayan player who scored 128 goals in La Liga.

 Suarez was involved in the ball alone after many misses. Photo: Suarez had the opportunity to score Messi in the 60th minute of the AFP second half. Suarez was left out of that. The Uruguayan star got the ball missed, he could not even get caught in the net. In the next minute the Spanish giants again attacked. Suarez was unable to score Lopez alone after being hit by Messi’s extended ball.
In the next minute, Suarez was insistent in his heart! The ball rolled alone. One of the batsmen left behind by the defending champions. The ball got caught in the trap at great speed. 3-0 goes to the disciples of Valverda. In the 82nd minute, Loren Moron scored a wonderful goal for Barcelona’s defense. Lipz saved two minutes after a couple of minutes trapped Vidal shot. Lopez did not have to do anything in the next minute. Because Messi showed what he showed Messi as possible. Messi took a shot with Rakitike that he got from the corner kick and took the shot ….
Messi made 33 hat-tricks in La Liga. Argentine Golmashin will make Ronaldo a hat-trick. The Portuguese star of Juventus, the owner of the highest number of hat tricks in La Liga
Just a few seconds before the end of the game, if there is no post in Messi’s bullet shot, the gap would increase. Seeing such a sport, one can say that it is worthwhile to see the game, it is harmful to watch the game.

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