Delivery in the train, the birth of the son in Dhupguri gave birth to passengers

Agartala-Habibpur weekly Express was running at the speed of the storm. Before the entry into the station suddenly stopped motion. About half an hour standing train before entering Dhupguri station. What is the matter Mechanical escalation? No, a passenger, who gave birth to a son in a festoon, was born on the train.

Rinku Devi, who was sitting in the train, was shocked. The newbie in the lap Blood spots are still visible on the floor.

Rinku Devi resident of Nawada, Gujarat. From Agartala to Guwahati going to hawibpur Suddenly there is a fall in the train.

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Nobody noticed the crowded general bogies. Suddenly the crowd came forward with three companions. Mohammed Sohrab, Tribhuvan Singh, Subbadar Gadova. Grounded with a cloth. A boy was born in the train.

Stationmaster, RPF came out soon The doctor was given the credit. Mother and child are healthy, after the assurance of the doctor, finally the green flag nods the guard Shankar Prasad. The Agartala-Habibpur Weekly Express will leave after about an hour and a half.


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