I am more blamed on Brazil’s losses: Neymar


The Brazilian team is currently the biggest star Neymar. Surrounded mainly by the team’s aggression, the whole squad was planned. As a result, he became more critical of the defeat of the Selakaoads. And this is the case that he has now opened. I said, most of the party’s allegations were blamed on me.

Neymar is currently on a long leave due to a foot injury. As a result, he was not named in the squad announced before the country’s match against Panama and Czech Republic this month.

Brazil have lost the final against Russia in the quarterfinal match of Belgium last year. Later, the supporters were critical of Neymar with the Brazil team. But that rate was one of the worst times in his career, so said PSG striker.

Neymar said in an interview with Globo TV’s Asptektuller, “I think I have been overly criticized. But I accept it, because it has happened in my entire career. ‘

‘I know that most of the blame on Brazil’s Harley comes over me. Apart from this much criticism, I have also read Fernandinho. He is another player who has been victimized.

In the match of the World Cup Brazil defeated the Belgian 2-1. Neymar could not bring the team back from injury at the same time.

Meanwhile, as well as the team’s rate, Neymar was the most criticized for the last World Cup, for his theatrical ‘Diving’ He was created in different memes by trolling in social media. However, he is skeptical about what the Fatebla did in the star really did.

Former Barcelona striker said, “I have seen my matches again in the World Cup and wondered if I did something like that.”

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