Personnel working in the fire at fire tower

Fire service personnel working in the fire at fire tower in the capital’s Banani

Four floors were damaged in the 22-storey building of Dhaka’s Banani area on Thursday noon; At least 19 people were killed and more than half a hundred were wounded.

There are many business establishments, but there is no adequate arrangement for fire extinguishers in the building. Fire Service officials commented that they were not effective.

Dhaka North City Corporation mayor Atiqul Islam also claimed that the construction of the construction of the high-priority tower was not accepted for construction.

The commercial building of Faruque, a man named Kamal Ataturk Avenue, holds the number 32, and the building is built by Rupayan Group. Their statement of mismanagement of building construction was not immediately available.

In Dhaka, after the various firefighters, there is an emphasis on building the policy from the highest level of the government and setting fire to the exit and exit if the accidents occur.

But the work is not being done in that, the fire incident of the FR Tower in one and a half months of Chakbazar fire in old Dhaka has re-released.

The fire tower of Banani’s multi-storey building; Fire service is working in the fire. Photo: Asif Mahmud

State Minister for Relief and Disaster Management, Enamur Rahman went to Kurmitola Hospital in the night to see the casualties in the fire, asking reporters, there was no system to set fire to the FR Tower.

He said, “Fire service people told me that there was no arrangement for fire extinguishing in this tower.”

Fire Service Director General Brig. Sajjad Hossain told reporters in the fire, “I went inside; We saw some equipment, but they were not useful. ”

The first fire was seen on the seventh and eighth floors in the middle of the 22-storey building. Later it spread on several other floors. At that time some of the people in the building tried to come down the stairs. Someone rush to the top.

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