Gaming Desktops Under $1000 – General Guidelines

It seems that nowadays people become more and more focused on the budget they’re willing to spend when purchasing anything. So if you’re one of these people, you know that once you’ve established a budget for the product you intend to purchase, all you have to do is filter out from the vast choices available until you get to that perfect-priced product.

It goes the same way when you’re a gaming fan and you’re on the lookout for a new gaming desktop.

When purchasing a gaming desktop under $1000 you’ll have to jot down some basic specs the machine should carry. It all boils down to how well your gaming rig can run Game X or Game Y. If you want to get a desktop that can play a certain game, you just have to make a search for that particular games system requirements and you’ll get the basic idea of what sort of desktop you’ll need to have.

Since many games have displayed two types of requirements, it’s important to understand that sometimes you’ll have to settle for less if the budget won’t allow you more flexibility.

The Minimum System Requirements

This is the minimum your computer needs to have to run that particular game. You can probably get away with a bit less, but your image quality or frame rates will have to suffer. The minimum system requirements are a great guideline since most gaming desktops under $1000, some of them even under $700 fall right under this category. They all have a decent processor, a decent amount of RAM and a decent video card. It’s a decent desktop which you can call your very own gaming desktop.

With the minimum system requirements as a guideline, you’re sure to get the minimum specs required to run that particular game you obsess about. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to run other modern games. If you do want to get a machine that’s both low cost and can run more games, a good idea is to get the minimum system requirements of many more games that are in the market today.

For example, if Game X requires at least 1GB of RAM to play and Game Y requires at least 2GB to run, then it would be a wise choice to get the 2GB of RAM on your system to make sure you’re able to play both games. Generally, try to compile a list of all the games you’d like to play, along with their minimum system requirements and get the largest value for each spec down on a list. Then simply search for a desktop which satisfies the list and you’re done.

The Recommended System Requirements

This is what the game developer recommends that a desktop should be carrying that the game itself will run flawlessly on high settings without any loss in frame rate. This should be your aim when trying to get the best gaming desktop for you. This will also ensure that you’ll be able to play other games in the same spec range with maximum details and would be a great investment for your future gaming endeavors.

The same rule applies as above, but this time you should get the recommended system requirements from that same list of games you want to play. Simply run through the list and select the largest value for each spec and you’ll get an uber-gaming beast.

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