Husband’s torture


To open his eyes, he found himself in the hospital bed … he felt very close to death, but he could not understand how to do this .. .. wrap the bandage on the head .. do not see anybody around the place. A nurse comes in and trying to get up slowly.
-What are you doing while I’m taking your family home?
He was surprised to hear about the family … Touhid Ahmed said, shaking his hand and shaking his hand trembling.
– My family means ….
– Your mom and your housabd … she has been here for three days. She probably did not know anything in the condition of three days.

For three days here it is not believable that something like that happened before, but Niloy wondered how he got the news.
Nurses get out
-Please do not call them now ….
That’s what Ma says they are troubled to see you and you say ..
She is silent …. The nurse came to the news with no delay … Listen to the news. Tanima entered the room at a speedy pace. She could keep her eyes tight on the other side. If he did not listen to the one who had saved him from that day, then Touhid could not bring him away from Ahmad. He was very proud of Neeman …..
Tanima knows that when he huffs, he turns his face away from Tinnah and tears in the other direction …. He tears his head in his hand and puts a hand of Tahin in his hand …
I do not say so. Why is your mother, or why your mother is so bad ..
-Don’t tell my mother to be bad …
They said to cry
Or is it … all the blame me … only for you today this is your situation … Nilai’s guards see blood lying in the streets and took time to take the hospital … If you do not get it like the time, then your condition or the other Critical If you were … I could not forgive myself for some time … If all the blame had spoken to me or to Neilay then you could have been careful … today this condition would not have happened … do things like that Did not dare …
I had left everything but I did not know who would not allow me to follow …. So you never said the words. I did not want to get involved in all this. And that was my big mistake …. Should get .. Otherwise you would not have had this situation …..

He could not stop himself from being stunned … and he was crying for a moment … Tanima tahira
It will be all right and the man will soon get the results of his work …

The outside is standing outside the watching glass, and the hair is soaked. The pressure of the face that was in the face of the eye was diminished. Before a little tension was drawn to Tahin, now she could feel completely filled only with the whole … in this three days she has understood the bone of the bone ….

After one day, Tahin was released … After completing all the formalities, he got out of the hospital with two people … but nobody talked to someone, he looked at him again and again, and he forgot once and did not look at Nilai ….. Tahin is being taken to the house but it is not the house of Nilai. Today, Nayla will not go to his house to go to his house. Neelay spoke to him only once before leaving the car.
– You do not have to go anymore … doing much for us, we do not have to do anything else … if we want to do it, we will not be able to forget anything ….. I will not run away if you have to go in front of me. Hope you understand what I mean …

The nilayas are waiting on their way … Hm Nilaye did not go after the force, and … Now it seemed like without him alone … and on the other hand, to go to Nilai’s car, Tahin is going to have to go … Tanima If you know everything, then you do not know how the relationship is between them now … for whom you have to act in front of Neinn. Neelayana in front of Neinn is acting very strange to Tahin …….

After a long time, I was happy to be able to step in my own house. Now it is free … Today the dam is flying like a broken bird …
-What has happened between you and Nilai?
It was a surprise that Tanimar asked the question …..
-What does not mean …
Then why do you stay separate from each other … after telling him so much and not the real. I do not see Hashpita talking to someone well …
He is not able to understand what the blossom is in the eye, and what to say to him ….
Are you really happy with Nilai ….?

Tiniman’s words dived into thinking …
I do not know if I was happy earlier but I am very happy from today … You can not bear the words … because my life and your life are becoming like life … and you will blame yourself. If you hear the words … your tension level will increase … one day or maybe one day to separate from the Niila, but at the moment not better than saying … you have more trouble Bey .. More and I do not want to think about it. I want to forget all of the nightmares and forget about the nightmares, sometimes I remember a lot, but I want to forget it … with a smile in the face
-Wop Mom, do not you start slowly at home …. I do not see you … I do not see how happy I am today …

You did not eat the cook on your hand … Now let’s eat something, it’s a lot of fatigue …

When he tried to turn his words and did not get suspicion from Tinna’s mind … the mother did not say anything to the mind … … so long ago asked to come to this house to call the excuse to call it strangely. Neilai is almost time network
Issue shows they are not in this place or are there …

If you do not read the glare of one day how to cut one can not get it. It is not that … If you can not forget the injuries of Nilay, then it is very good at home … and if the wounds can not be easily forgotten …

Sleeping late in the afternoon, she was sleeping …
-Mamuni awoke …..
-Hum a little more
I’m not saying to rise.

It is in the eyes of the wrists
Who are you, Oops!
He jumped up and looked at Neilai behind his nephew ….
Niloy said to Bhrukuchch
-What is the surprise of the mother-in-law of the mother-in-law can not be understood without invitation …
Tanima smiles laugh
– Tell me I’m coming …
Tannima to go to the teeth tooth press …..
-What do you want now? What do you want..and now there is no need for Nilima Aunty Sep … there can be no need for any other …..
You need to come to the boy …

I heard that he was very busy … he was crazy, thinking that he was sitting next to him and quietly pressed his head down …
-I will not say that there is no need to be behind it … Do not say I have come for you … today and come to your own needs ….

What is the need to be? Now it is necessary to be a partner in the bed …. but that desire and when it is filled … otherwise there is no shortage of cough after spreading rice …. then ….
-What is the meaning of dramatic words ….?
-Casub …..?
-What’s saying …
There can be no need now …
The debut letter will send the sign. I can not have any other requirement …

Who does not need to say … I actually need the copy of your hand now …….

Mejjata went to the Bigger to hear the talk of Nilaye went out of the bed by the hand of Niloy Tahin and straightened the face of Nilai … Then the bidire bowed down and said

I will not make you smaller than I am ……. For me, the word forgiveness is very small and I am not sorry. So do not forgive me. If you have given me the pain, I do not get double the punishment, but it will be less … but I want you to punish me …..

Nilaye hands out of hand with a smile.
There was no need to ask for money … I do not want anyone to apologize …. or I’ll punish you for that … Whatever had happened to me was nothing but a nightmare … it I want to forget now ….

Right now the Deborah Papers will be gone … now you can go …

You will not be able to give me a debut …

To say this, take a glass from the side and take the glass from the side of the bowl. If you throw the glass in the rage, fear that … Then again Tanima will ask thousands of questions … Niloy Tahin laughs at such tricks. ..

I’m going crazy or throwing that glass. I was taking it to eat … It was not easy to take the wife away from my mother-in-law’s house … So I wanted to drink a little water before saying it …..

Tahin himself now wants to throw his hands on the floor, but it is not on the floor. Neelay is doing it. This is the unemployed. The rage hangs out of the room … Nilay is not starting to play any new drama this time.

Seeing the anger of Niloy Tahin, she was smiling. She is not the person to give up. She will be punished from her.

Will run


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