See the cricketer of the two countries who said that the war in Kashmir

Only current cricketer non-legends also share their opinions and support through social media.

Many cricketers praised their country’s force

What are the Pakistani cricketers?

Wasim Akram, who is the second highest wicket-taker in ODI cricket history.

Wasim urged the two countries to be one after the war

He said, “India and Pakistan are not enemies of anybody, their enemy is our enemy, how much blood will we understand that we are taking part in the same war, we will have to deal with this war on terrorism.”

Pakistan’s Mohammad Hafiz also called for peace.

He wrote, “Peace, peace, peace.”

Shahid Afridi, another Pakistani cricketer praised the Pakistani army, praised their behavior towards the enemy.

“Pakistan is proud of the armed forces, so let us entertain the enemy.” The hysteria that India has created against the war should be stopped, the only solution we call ethnic peace and our Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is talking about joint dialogue, “Shahid Afridi wrote on Twitter.

What are the Indian cricketers saying?

Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly’s Twitter Post has caught the eye of Indian cricketers

Sachin praised the Indian Air Force for a post.

Sourav Ganguly’s post was originally explained by his relationship with Sachin Tendulkar.

Then he also gave a statement that the folks who are the best in the country’s needs,

“Many people in the media are trying to take my stand against Sachin, when I said, ‘I want a World Cup’. It is not related to Sachin’s statement that he was one of my best friends for 25 years,” wrote former Indian captain Sourav.

But before that when Indian air force attacks in Pakistan, Gautam Gambhir was quite vocal.

He wrote, “Now is the time, we have fixed the place we have set a fortune.”

Besides, Harbhajan Singh, Mohammad Kaif, Shekhar Dhawan praised the Indian air force and posted on Twitter.

And Irfan Pathan wrote, “Wing Commander Avi Nandan makes me proud, as he expresses the strength and determination without uttering a word, I hope he will return home safely.


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