Messi’s life story


Lionel Messi’s life story

“I do not want anyone to play” – Lionel Messi was born in the city of Rosario. This city is the largest city in Argentina’s Santa Fe province. We live in a very simple but beautiful house in Barrio Las Heras, in the north of this city. From my age, I used to play with my elder brothers and cousins ​​in my childhood. I still remember, ours
The small group of boys play soccer rules at the end of each week. I got the first football gift in my childhood. I’m so small; My age seems to be three or four. That was the biggest gift for me. From then on Christmas
Whether or not my birthday, I always wanted a gift to everyone; That’s football. I used to store my gifts. I did not go to football to play in the streets. If football breaks down or falls dirty on football; This fear was mine. Occasionally I went to the field with the ball, since then I fell in love with football. There were green gardens around our house. But football
There were no grounds for playing. There was a very abandoned military camp from our house, which was known to us as Batalon. There were several large green grasslands in the camp. We wandered the wire fence and went to the camp like a thief. Then I stayed with football all day.
We mostly played football on the street. Wherever I could get out of the house, I used to play football. Though
At that time the roads were rampant. We lived in a very small environment. Whose
Because of this we knew each other very well. My mother did not think so much about me because we used to play soccer in front of the house. I started playing football since the age of five. The first
I could not get permission to play with the elders. It was really disappointing for me. The older brothers in my neighborhood are the ones in the street
I did not want to take a football match. They did not take me because I was a kid, that was not the case. Big brothers used to say that they only want to play football matches with adults. My elder brother was worried about me. If other boys did not take the ball from me, then those boys get angry and beat me. This was theirs as well
Anxiety When I started playing football on the street, I joined Grandolite, a small football club in our area. Not just me, our whole family plays in that club. We all had to live without the mother in the club as per the age. My dad is that
He was one of the club’s coaches. We used to run every Sunday on the field of the club. We started playing Seven-A-side matches since joining the club. We regularly play against the small team of Rosario, our northern team. I got the opportunity to play in the first match for my grandmother. There was no football team with young boys in my Grandolie club. One on sunday
From a young age, a big team player was not ready to play. My grandmother forced me down to play in that match.
I went down to the ground in his indignation. Our coach did not want me to field. But lastly he let me play the whole game. That was mine
The first club match to play with the adults. When I was in the field with my old players, I used to coaching myself, my father. I used to practice football practice every day for hours. I used to go to school every day. But after returning home from school I could run straight into football. I’m on the street in a few words
Ran me I always used to watch football on the street. Almost always kept a ball with me.
After coming to Barcelona, ​​all of my changed. I came away from all my friends, family and my country. I am going to Spain to implement my dream. I started practicing with the Barcelona youth team just 15 years of age. I’m fortunate that I was born in a normal family. But then
We were not lacking in the grace of God. My father worked all day and brought everything for us.
Whatever our three brothers take, they brought my father. I have never missed anything. My father and uncle always believed when I was young
I’m a big footballer. It started to be true when I left for Barcelona. When I first practice with the elderly team in Rosario, then my
The coach arranged for all to go to Barcelona. He then made a contract for me for the peace of his mind, and I signed that agreement on Napkin. The first
I used to get very bad in Barcelona. I was alone alone. I used to cry. But I’m willingly
I made my decision. My dream was Barcelona’s head
Football game for the team. I will tell the children, to enjoy the football game
Play #Football game is really fun. Through this you will be able to make many new friends. Football
You will be able to understand the responsibility as a person. But then
The first of all is the most important
# Study before sports. You have to finish the study. – (Lionel Messi, Argentina’s most popular footballer in the current world, Messi and Barcelona are the episodes of the currency today at club level, he was born on June 24, 1987. Only 21
Messi won his first Ballon d’Or at the age of 12.
Already Messi is the first footballer to receive four Ballon d’Or award
Got profit. He was 300th in February for Barcelona
Score goals. Messi has so far (July 1, 2013) Barcelona
He scored 313 goals in 379 matches and scored 36 goals in 90 games for Argentina’s national team.)


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