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Kashmir’s military base was aimed at Pakistani aircraft: Indian Air Force .

On the day that Pakistan cs no harm to life, so did they bomb the civilian targets of India, how…

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See the cricketer of the two countries who said that the war in Kashmir

Only current cricketer non-legends also share their opinions and support through social media. Many cricketers praised their country’s force What…

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টিবি যিহোশূয় মন্ত্রণালয় – প্রার্থনা

হার্ড টাইমস আমাদের থামাতে হবে না! জীবনের উদ্দেশ্য ভাল সময় এবং কঠিন সময় একই সময়ে ঈশ্বরের গৌরব হয়। তিনি কঠিন…

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Conflict in Kashmir, five dead in militants firing

Security guard-militant collision killed five people, including a common citizen in Jammu and Kashmir’s Hundwara. Among the dead are two…

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New Indian High Commissioner to Dhaka

New Indian High Commissioner to Dhaka India’s new High Commissioner to Dhaka Riva Ganguli Das came to Dhaka on Friday….

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Hasina will not be poor in Bangladesh: Hasina

There will be no homeless and poor people in Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced that all homeless homes…

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Messi’s life story

Lionel Messi’s life story

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Husband’s torture

, To open his eyes, he found himself in the hospital bed … he felt very close to death, but…

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ভালোবাসার দারুন গল্পো A great love story

The identity was on Facebook Rajiv and I both love reading books. Both are members of a group called ‘Book…

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Abandoned buildings, teaching under open sky

, Schooling is going on in the field of teaching. Satkhira: Lesson reading under the open sky in the class…