Rosa spent the rest of the day on the sunnah of the student

, so 13 days were off
However, it has been a long time to start teaching.
I was teaching today, suddenly the arrival of the student’s mother.
That expected envelope in hand
Eid in front,
Seeing the envelope, Mamate Laddu PhataTa
I started studying with respect to the envelope.
The student said the teacher, you have a surprise.
At the same time, do not worry
I am amazed at opening the envelope
Enhance with the salary of an additional 1500 taka extra;
Afterwards it is my Eid Bonus ♥
The first Eid Bonus in life has started to sound like a blizzard
Eid Mubarak Boon, I wrote a small sister in Feebu, today you are ready, eat your ice cream in the evening.
Eid bonus is 1500 taka
Sisters are twice as happy than me
When I finished studying, I would go home once again,
Then there was a hazard 😰

What do you think, what happened?
What will be the brother, the forehead is burnt?
#Sleep has broken
I was dreaming so long
Actually I did not get a bonus in my life.
I see all of your Eid Bonus posts all day, I think one tune,
Who are you to call Bonus Bonus?
Can you think that the chemistry of chemistry?

B: DR: Student’s matter but true
Please do not comment on any rules of Islam regarding this rule
I do not want to respect my religion as well as people do not talk about heart
Thanks 😊

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