Some of the bad guys in the class test were Actona.

I gave the call at home, I informed him. The next day, everyone is coming to class, I see a boy in the hands of a carpet. When asked, his mother beat him. It felt bad, so in the end of the class, I bought chocolate and fed it.

I was surprised to find that his test book came home that day. The boy who did not get more than 5, the boy got 20/5. I thought I was doing well one day. But from that day till now, the tests I have done have been doing very well in every one. If you do well in my tests, give two chocolates, he gets chocolate every day. One eats, another gives her mom.

One was in Kalsit, that is an e-change But everyone else is in the same situation as before. In fact, a parent can change a child a lot if they want. But the modern guardians of the era do not feel that their responsibility is finished with 2/3 teacher at home. There is no guideline in the house, instead of being good, the monkey is. Without cultivating, it creates monkeys in the very middle. But those who are aware, their children are human even in fear of the worst.

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