Technology started to work with different types of stories to promote

Technology started to work with different types of stories to promot the market of products and organizations started the country’s first content start-up ‘Just Stories’.

Sabrina, the entrepreneur of the institute, gave the importance of ‘content-based’ marketing to increase institutional identity in the inaugural ceremony held in the city’s Lakshore Hotel on Saturday.



In the function, media personality b. M Yuninul Haque, co-founder of Harun and Just Storris

Television personality b. M Harun highlighted the change in the communication of the people with the changing of information technology.

Along with the development of the connection, former Bangladesh Television officials emphasized on the change in the marketing process.

Sabrina said about the work of the organization, Just Stories will be a platform for young storytellers who will create new content and work on the unobtrusive desire to connect consumers with the brand.

At the event, Barishi explained the effectiveness of content-based work and the current scenario of Bangladesh in contrast to current market conditions of Sabrina brand.



During this time the Board of Directors, Advisers, well wishers were present.

According to the Just Stories, the company will also do social work as well as social awareness work. By the end of June, Just Stories will start their activities fully.

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