The worst day of the tuition was gone today.

I have been tuition since 2010. Butt has taught many students in life, Butt did not respect anybody from any day.
Three months of doing a tuition. When I first offered the offer I did not want to go home. They were very stressed after 4/5 days came for the teaching. Such people are also in Kipte. Read to admit they send the student to the house to understand the reading.
Student’s main problem is in English. I understood that she came home, it was very much for the girl.
The next day again she will have to study her mother and sister.
I agreed to have Maya for the girl.

The main event: After giving a month’s education, give the respect (in the end of the month on 3). In the month of the month, fasting and coming, Kaki himself said that the month itself is the last few days. I did not have any problem, Kaki said.
Months in the Eid holidays, now I get Tulal’s two-month honor.
So I started teaching from yesterday. Today Kaki gave me a month’s approval. Kaki told me that Kaki has problems in the previous month?
Kaki: I gave them all before.
I am Kaki 2 months !!
Kaki: You’ve given me all of the previous months. Why do you lie?
I lie! Look at what Monta looks like. Just said that Kaki has mistakenly remembered anywhere …. You said the problem.
Kaka: By Allah, I do not stop anyone’s money, no one will get money from me. How to tell lies !!!
The book was just crying … I lie!
The first one stood in front of me and said that I lie. It is also an issue.
Where I taught many boys and girls without money I also taught his elder son and I will give him SSC.
His eldest daughter asked me, is not your mistake?
If we were to make mistakes, we would not have been able to teach the students. I have taught in the last one month and I will learn a week later, how to forget this small membrane while leaving the note!
He said nothing else, his mother forgot a lot and shouted,
Tell me Kaki I do not lie anymore. For a small amount of money will not lie in the mouth.
But one of his words I lied, I was shocked to say outside.
When I came, I will not come to study from tomorrow.
From the back he is saying that he is not lying. I paid all the money. How to lie !!!

I can not hold my tears at home, money is not big, honor is very big. In the first 9 years, I suffered the first time.
It is known that how fast the tuition is done in 6.30 in the month of 6.30.
Prior to this tuition, I have shared and shared some bitter in this group.
Today and I did it because it is the people who will understand those situations later. _ _-

Errors are palpable.

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