🎂Thomas Alva Edison, Happy Birthday To you🎁


Thomas Alva Edison. Famous scientist. Some of his famous inventions of electric lights, kintographs, and phonographs, which changed the way of life of man


Edison, born on October 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio, USA Edison was the youngest and seventh child of Dad Samuel and mother Nancy Edison. Before his death on October 18, 1931, there were thousands of patents in his name. He has been allocated for his contribution in the mass public sector, especially in the telecommunications sector. Including a stock ticker, voting machine, electric car battery, electric power, composite music and pictures. In these cases, his reforming works made him a telegraph operator at the beginning of his life. Both Edison’s acquisition of ideas, ideas and applications of electricity generation and distribution of electricity, business-commerce or factories, are a breakthrough in modern industrialization. His first electricity station was established on New York’s Manhattan Island.

Thomas Alva Edison was born in Ohio, USA, but grew up in Port Hurun, Michigan state of Michigan. In 1854 Edison’s family moved to Port Hurun, Michigan. His father had to flee from Canada because he participated in the Mackenzie Rebellion. The school teacher’s influence was very much on Edison.

Edison, who was suffering from fever in his early childhood, was less heard in both ears. He became a deaf to be big. During the childhood, it was difficult for many people to grow up and make big stories for everyone. The train used to listen to the ears after the accident in the ear, and he used to tell everyone that – Edison.

In 1854 Edison’s family moved to Port Hurun, Michigan. Edison joined the school there but he could not stay in the school for more than three months. The teachers were very upset over the study because they could not concentrate. Edsan’s teacher-mother started teaching her at home, because of this adverse behavior of teachers, because of the little Edison, she did not have any bad influence.

At the age of 11, Edison read a lot of books on different topics. His interest in knowledge is revealed. The rest of the life has encouraged others to be educated in self-education.

At the age of 12, Edison thought he should be used to what he learned. Parents asked permission to work as a newspaper hawker in the Grand Trunk Rail road line near the house. After working for some time as a hawker, Edison himself started to find a small magazine named “Grand Trunk Herald”. Due to the fresh fresh news, the trainers started reading Edison’s magazine.

Because of the interest in various issues, Edison looked at something new. One day, a three-year-old child was saved from falling into a moving vehicle by Edison. The child’s father was telegraph operator Edison learned to run telegraph from him.

Edison started working as a telegraph operator at the age of 15. He works in different parts of America for the next five years. In the meantime, he has done a lot of education and research with telegraph and other electronic products technology.

In 1866 Edesson moved to Louisville, Kentucky at the age of 19 They started working as Associated Press (AP). Due to the duty of the night shift, he used to study and conduct various examinations.

In 1868 both of Edison’s parents became ill. Go back home to see Edison. Realize that you have to do your own work from now on. Edison goes home from Boston Western Union started working for the company. At that time, Boston was one of the centers of American science and culture.

Edison exploits this opportunity. Along with the work, handling various electronic devices. In this way, electronic voting recorder was created, through which the votes could be counted in a very short time. Gradually, the acquisitions of Edison in Boston continue to grow. People started buying their invented products and Edison began to study new and important topics.


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