Today is the day of ‘World Valentines Day’.


But not only young people, today’s formal day of expression of the multi-dimensional nature of people of different ages. This love is like a child to parents, as well as on the day of love for people-man. “But why not just for a day?” Poet Nirmald Gun’s short answer to this question, “Love is not a special 7 days. All year, love all day long But today’s day has been chosen as the day of love. “Love Day is being celebrated among the young people of our country as well as the world’s eternal joy and pure enthusiasm. Today is the capital city of love festival. This festival will be felt in rural and urban life. In the message of mobile phone, e-mail or online chatting, the punching pusco will become a lover of romance. According to many, in February this time the birds nested their couplet. Kidney wakes up in the neutral tree. The beauty of the scent of scorching scurry spreads to beauty. Completely develop. On this day, fancy gifts such as chocolates, perfumes, greeting cards, e-mails, mobile phones, MMS love, diamond rings, favorite clothes, knitted toys, majors or books are presented to the loved ones. The light lipstick stain, a rose flower, chocolate , Candy, little note, and it can be a two-letter prose or verse in favor of gifts. On the other hand, today’s love is just love and love Not to be arrested. For the parents, husband, wife, siblings, dear children or even friends, everyone can be born in love life. Gift-giving. – According to historians, the origin of this festival is from two ancient Roman traditions. The name of the day is called Valentines Day after the name of a Christian priest and physician Father St. Valentine. On 14 February of 270, Roman Emperor Gothicus against Christianity was sentenced to death by St. Valentine for the treatment of injured soldiers. Before his death, Father Valentin wrote a short letter to his only daughter, where he had signed the name ‘From Your Valentine’ Saint Valentine’s daughter and her boyfriend began to celebrate Father’s death as Valentine’s Day from next year. St Valentine’s Day, sentenced to death for the wounded in the war, is spread throughout the world in the custom of keeping the day specially. Valentines Day became more and more later in about 400 AD. There is another reason behind the special significance of the day. Prior to the death of St. Valentine, the Romans celebrated the festival of June every year on June 14. The name of the Roman couple’s marriage and the name of the goddess Junoon is named after it. On this day, unmarried youths chose their dancing partner through the lottery to name the paper. When the Romans converted to Christianity in 400 AD, the celebration of ‘Juno’ festival and St. Valentine’s Day was celebrated on February 14 as ‘Valentine’s Day’. Over time, it has spread throughout Europe and Europe. In our country, various organizations and organizations around the country have taken various programs. There are various rallies, introductory roles, memories of love, memorization of poetry, poetry recitation, poetry of love, reading of love and the demand for love, and many other programs. Concert has been organized in different parts of the capital on the occasion of the day. ARS / RIP

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