Viral is the night of the appealing night of the Heroine Shuvashri-Raj

Raj-Shuvashri has been cutting every moment of marriage since marriage. Kolkata’s Hot Queen reduced the picture to the husband while giving time to the husband. Where are you roaming around with a partner? Friends, chat, social events- The couple’s presence in all places Naturally the ceremony is dancing.

The couple celebrated the first Valentine’s Day after the wedding year. Specially on this day, Shubhashree was very quiet. It is evidence that Shubhashree shares a picture

This lazymyi has posted an appealing picture of herself and her partner in Instagram. Both of them felt quite thrilled.

The real news is that Valentine’s Day was not together either Raj-Shubhashree. The picture of Shubhashree also shows that the picture matched. Shubhashree, sharing a picture of her own moment, writes, “Missing you my profit.” Happy Valentines Day. ‘

This picture raises a storm in social media. Their fans are filling in the comments like fans.


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