World Ijtema came out from the second phase of 1239 Jamaat

The 54th World Ijtema was completed in two phases on the Turag coast in Tongi on 19th February. This year’s World Ijtema has been organized in two phases under the supervision of Kakrail Marakaj of Bangladesh and Nizamuddin Marak of Delhi. Out of both Ijtema, 4 thousand 43 churches have been released.

In the second phase Ijtema, out of the total 1239 out of the church Earlier, the first phase of Kakrail Maarakaja was run out of 1575 Jamaat.

The detailed statistics of the chapters of the Jamiat from different periods and departments from the Ijtema ground in the second phase of 54th Ijtema are:
– 3 Chillar Jamaat> 24
– 1 Chillar Jamaat> 821
– Jamaat of the day> 79

– Deaf Jamaat> 3
– Arab Jamaat> 1
– Urdu Jamaat> 4
– English Jamaat> 8
– Jamaat with masurata> 70

– Outgoing (5 months) Jamaat> 72
– Outside (1 Chillar) Jamaat> 22

– Hajj and Umrah Jamaat> 10 and
– Nizamuddin Marakaj Jamaat> 115

Many Jamaat also came out from every district. Apart from the Jamiat of the districts, 54th World Ijtema went out of the second phase to celebrate 1239 congregations in Dhenna.


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