11 extraordinary health benefits of 5 prayers every day

Extraordinary health benefits

Salat is the main worship of Islam. Every Muslim is required to perform 5 prayers daily. But many people do not know that prayers are very beneficial for the health.

By praying, there are several types of body parts which are used in the body of one body. This exercise is very useful for health. Let’s not know about the benefits of last 11 prayers for health:

1. When the prayer is performed in Salah, blood in our brain is rapidly flowing. As a result, our memory power gets enormous. 2. When we stand up in prayer, our eyes stay in fixed positions in front of the zenapara so that the attention increases.

3. By means of prayer, an exercise of our body is attained. This is an exercise that everyone can make bigger. 4. Through our prayers, there are great changes in our mind. 5. Salat maintains the body structure of all human beings. As a result, physical disabilities are lost.
6. Prayer keeps the skin clean so that the valuable parts of our bodies are cleaned during the exercise, so we are protected from different types of organisms. 7. During the prayers, washing the face 3 times after washing, the skin of our face gets glowing and the stains are less visible.

8. The way the face is cleaned during the waist, a message is made in our mouth so that the blood flow of our mouth increases and the diarrhea decreases. 9. If the child is praying at a young age, his mind remains pure and therefore he avoids various kinds of anti-social activities.

10. If you pray, your life energy increases. 11. Only through prayer is the care of the rules of the eye. As a result, most of the prayers of the people who are performing prayers remain intact.

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