You are not able to think about marrying a girl of the same age



A little earlier, it was said to be a tradition of having two years of husband and wife in marriage. But know that many rules are changing with the change of time. It is currently seen that most marriages have a very small age gap between husband and wife. Again, at any time, a common man is a husband and wife.

In fact, the idea of ​​marriage has changed slightly. Not only is the marriage done for the child’s birth, but today marriage will be shared with each other, happiness and sorrow will fail to succeed. That is why the current marriage is increasing in the same time between two friends.

At the same time, while studying at the same time or while working, the love between two friends can arise, and the love relationship between them later results in marriages many times. If the husband is of the same age, then they can all share like friends, so many times their loved ones become the same.

That is why they are less worried about them. But sometime they may not have the same kind of love once they start their problems in their relationships and their marriage is affected by this problem.

At any time it can be seen that even though studying at the same time, the girl may be older than the boy. And the women’s brain becomes more like this. As a result, she can cause pressure on the child for no reason. Perhaps she unknowingly made the sister slit on the boy. Then comes the Ego and the problem is about the existence of personality.

Again, in the beginning, while the relationship between the two is sweet, the boy can not accept the child’s own thinking after marriage. The more awareness of the girl makes their married life complicated. They can not even respect each other because they do not survive anything emotionally, it can result in separation, ie divorces.

Once again, when two or four years of age, 40 or 45 years of age have come together. Then a turning point among the girls works because they do not raise questions about having children. At this time they spent a fairly free time after they got a little relief. And then they started doing any work against the wishes of their husbands.

There is also a lot of diseases in this age. There is a problem of calcium deficiency in women’s body. Many people suffer from stress due to this due to which there is a slight irritation of the fruit. But at the same time, the man does not have any physical weaknesses but they are very enthusiastic.

As a result, the man becomes helpless at that moment, so the marriage begins in a marriage, even if it can only go on till the divorce. So many people marry in the same age means increasing the problem of married life.

So generally if the boy is less than 5 years old, and at the very least, the age of 10 years is appropriate for one marriage. But there are exceptions in our world, so it is wrong to say that the same age and happiness are not guaranteed. Of course, it is an exception to see that even the same couples also live happily.


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